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Day One

It's a Sunday.
The sun is shining brightly.
I'm dressed up for church.
I let go of my anger for him
and embraced my love for you.

That night, I worked.
I worked hard to help others;
told them about God
and how we need to do our job
to reach out to others.

Went home and emailed you,
you didn't respond til morning.
But I though of you
and how I love you
and how you love me.

Day Two

Monday came around
and you said I wouldn't see you
the next day; it hurt
and I admit that I might have
cried just a bit.

But I love you still.
I had a bad day though.
Went to a revival service
and just felt so cold,
so empty, and so alone.

I went home and spoke
to a guy friend of mine
and we talked about random food
but still, I only
really wanted to talk to you.

Day Three

Tuesday rolled in
and I knew I wouldn't see you
and you said they were
keeping us apart.
That felt like a knife to the heart.

But deep down,
I knew that one day
things would work out
for you and I
just like they always do.

That's what today is.
It hurts, yes,
but it's worth it.
I know you're still here
because July first.
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July 29, 2014


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