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Once upon a time,
I loved you
and I once believed
that you loved me too.

I was hurt to find
that I was so wrong
and that I was living in
a fairy tale all along.

You lied to me and I was foolish
to believe your words
for your words of love
were never heard.

And once upon a time
I moved on
and decided that I really needed
to try and be strong.

I did my best to keep
my head held up high,
but I still believed
you little lies.

But now I really,
really must say
that forever and
starting today

I will no longer dwell
upon the past
and of the pain you caused
for it can not last.

I should tell you
that I'm quite happy now
and I'll be nice
and tell you how.

You see, I found love
in someone new;
someone loving and faithful,
unlike you.

God brought this
blue eyed man
into my life
and sparked up a plan.

I've long moved on
and I really feel sorry for you
because you're lost without
a love that is true.

So once upon a time
I grew up and grew strong
and found someone
who was truly there all along.
tis just another poem that sums up the last year for me. It hasn't been the easiest, but I've grown a lot from the things that happened, and for once, I'm happy because God blessed me with an amazing boyfriend. :) 
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Submitted on
June 21, 2014


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