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With blue eyes and brown hair
I'm the girl you'd least expect to be in pain. 
I'll put on a smile and a show for everyone around
and make it seem like I'm okay so that 
when others aren't okay, they feel like they can come 
to me for encouragement. 
But I'm the girl who's had her heart broken,
the one who is scared to trust people
and worries even though the new relationship
is going to be fine. 
I'm the girl who can't look at herself in the mirror
and see beauty 
because I can't get past the weight I've gained
or the broadness of my shoulders
and the size of my breasts. 
I'm the girl who wants to feel perfect 
but knows that perfection is a lie and I can never
achieve it because it doesn't exist.
I'm the girl who wants to please others 
and who longs to feel loved
but has given up trying to please the unpleasable
because that is just an impossible fantasy.
I'm the girl with scars on my arms 
because I gave in to my pain and let it win 
for a split second. 
Most importantly, I'm the girl
who just wants to get through this miserable life
in this broken and sinful world.
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Submitted on
August 4, 2014
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