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I Swore I Wouldn't Fall in Love

In December, I swore I wouldn't fall in love
and set up walls to hide my heart
so no one could hurt me like he did.
I swore I'd keep to myself,
that I'd stay alone and not mess with others.
I swore I wouldn't fall in love.

January came, month after my breakup,
and then I thought I fell for you
and your perfect smile and shining eyes
and that little laugh you'd do
whenever you got embarrassed.
I forgot that I swore I wouldn't fall in love.

July came, and I soon realized
that you and I were meant to be.
I knew I wanted to be by your side for the rest
of my life on this earth and even in heaven too.
On July first, I finally realized
that what had sworn really came true.

I swore I wouldn't fall in love
and to that I have held true.
Because the thing is,
just as I had sworn,
I didn't fall.
I flew.
Two more days until he comes home <3 and four more days til we've been together for seven months <3
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August 11, 2014
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