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Heart of Glass

She doesn't think anyone understands
that her heart 
is made
of glass.
How fragile it has become 
that she will protect it with her all
in fear that it will shatter again
and she will have to pick up
the pieces
of broken glass
once more.
And she wants to feel alive;
she wants to feel free
and without this constant fear
that she has
to protect
her heart.
She wants to love without
because terrified of betrayal.
He doesn't seem to understand
that betrayal 
has scarred 
her forever. 
Yes, the wound from it is not a scar,
but the pain remains
and it still stings,
knowing the one
she trusted
killed her inside. 
How can she not be scared when 
that happened and broke her?
It was traumatizing. 
She broke.
She cried.
She died.
"Please, love, understand that you
don't need to compete at all.
Just know that I was killed that day,
on the inside.
I stitched my heart
back together."

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August 8, 2014
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