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I waited up
night and day.
Never imagined
that you'd walk away.

I believed every
word you said.
I thought you loved me
but it was all in my head.

I waited through
'six weeks of hell'
and was heart broken
when you said farewell.

I cried for days
because of you.
And guess what,
now I'm through.

I'm long gone now.
I wouldn't come back
to you even if
you were to ask.

I've moved on
and I'm happy again.
I've found someone who's
more of a gentleman.

This isn't revenge,
but I managed to find hope.
And now through all the pain
I have a way to cope.

And you're no longer
my joy.
I refuse to be
your toy.

You can't hold me
any longer.
After the pain you gave me
I've come out ten times stronger.

So you can hate me
all you want.
But beat me...
you cannot.

I have won against you.
No longer can you succeed.
Because now I'm taking control
and I have been freed

Of the chains
you used to hold me down.
I'm not staying
her now.

So I guess this
is my goodbye
to all your
silly, silly lies.
well...I was really bored...and this is what happened.
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Submitted on
March 24, 2014


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